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Hello Mr. Boettke, I'm writing just to comment on this amazing conference on the Austrian school. I'm currently taking a class on the history of economic thought and the Austrian school has been brought up many times. Mises' and Hayek's work has been the most prominent, especially those on the business cycle theory and of course regarding socialist calculation. Even other works such as capital theory. WE often think back to Mises as an exemplary member of the Austrian school with such notable works such his thoughts on how the business cycle is caused by uncontrolled bank credit or that he thought that socialism would fail economically. It's interesting to see the impact of Mises on the Austrian school as a whole because his ideas on economic reasoning nearly upset the Keynesian revolution and the relevance of the Austrian school today is practically due to Mises.

Hello, I really like this site. Unfortunately, the subscribe link does not work for me; all I get is a lot of code and some text. Any tips on how to solve this? Thank you!

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