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Where can I find Lavoie's essay? A google search isn't returning a result.

... the founding father's lost ...
... and he add ...
... arguable right before ...
What garbage. The brass is hard to find in this muck.

I hate to be pedantic but this widespread error has got to stop: The plural of "father" is "fathers," not "father's."

Do not embrace the apostrophe!

From what I've read of Lavoie, it seems he was interested in some of the same kinds of things I am interested in (though obviously well before I was), including chaos theory and complexity. I agree with him that there needs to be a reformulation of the foundations of liberalism. That's one of the things I tried to accomplish in Diaphysics and what I've tried to do in most of my scholarly articles, essays, and blog posts. It's what I'll be trying to do in a book chapter I'm working on for Chris Sciabarra's book on dialectical libertarianism. Whether I'm accomplishing anything of the sort is rather up to others to decide.

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