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Thanks for writing this!!! Excellent!!!

Scientism is the methodology of experts.

I had better clarify: I am against expert power. Scientism supports, I think, the posture of the empowered expert who sits above the system and directs the movements of its elements. Think Jonathan Gruber . . . or Socrates!

It is unfortunate that the most important economist of the 20th century did not have a serious and ongoing engagement with the leading philosopher of science of the time. von Mises and Popper were colleagues in the Mont Pelerin Society and there is a brief reference by Popper in a Cato publication to their occasional talks. Popper wrote that the took on board the major theorems of Mises but it would be good to find out what that means. Mises for his part dismissed Popper's ideas in a casual and disparaging manner on the few occasions where he referred to them. Does anyone have more information on the Popper/Mises relationship?

Hoping for a Nobel for an Austrian is like expecting the Vatican to make a Baptist a saint.

Add Peter Bauer and Bill Hutt to the list of victims of Scientism?

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