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I read the list and immediately thought "autism." That's a perfect description of how people with autism behave. Perhaps not coincidentally, people on the autism spectrum do very well online and with programming. Autism as preadaptation to the new online environment, to which others are adapting?

I have a lot of grievances with neuroscience, but to the point here, why are these life changes affecting us in a negative way?

I mean, imagine her observing the early humans leaving the caves and practicing agriculture instead of hunting and other stuff. Or, of more recent history, women getting full time jobs and voting rights. I am sure there would be some changes noted in behavior, language and all that and this person would asses them as being for the worse.

So finally there is an answer to the poor schooling results and general infantilization: touch screens. Oh my!

It’s okay to keep changing minds for finding the best option but then we must list down one and work for that. Like I only trade with OctaFX now since they are really one it’s kind with having won over 9 awards in 4 years we are not required to see anything else as these are enough things to show their quality and that make it so easy for me to invest with them without any worry or tension since I know that they won’t cheat me due to their clean reputation.

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