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A Yiddish expression Pete. Yasha koach.

(Literally “may your strength be firm!” it carries with it the hope that you will have the strength to carry on to future achievements).

Thanks for the stories, Pete. As a young economist, it is enjoyable to hear different economists' career come together and all the factors that influence it.

Great post. Thanks.

I would add to Mises and Hayek Schoeck's "Envy: A Theory of Social Behavior." He spends a lot of space on how envy creates the structure of primitive societies. Envy is the raison d'etre of socialism.

Cafe Hayek has this quote from Hayek: "It should be realized, however, that the ideals of socialism (or of ‘social justice’) which … prove so attractive, do not really offer a new moral but merely appeal to instincts inherited from an earlier type of society. They are an atavism, a vain attempt to impose upon the Open Society the morals of the tribal society which, if it prevails, must not only destroy the Great Society but would also greatly threaten the survival of the large numbers to which some three hundred years of a market order have enabled mankind to grow."

The essence of those atavistic morals is envy.


Thanks for the very timely, important, and informative post.

I thought about commenting on my own thoughts and experiences and works in relation to all this, but realized that it would be both too long and possibly inappropriate. So, instead, I shall simply congratulate you on your excellent post.

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