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What's Steve Horwitz been up to lately? I miss our excellent discussions. Last time we had an excellent discussion on The Failure of Market Failure. I wanted to share with him a graph I recently created to illustrate government success/failure.

Also, he's so skilled at keeping track of the first people to come up with analogies...Traffic Lights and the Interest Rate. I was wondering if he knows of anybody who's already used the siren / flashing light analogy...

"If we limit/restrict Dave's ability to benefit from his effort/research/luck/insight/foresight, then we decentivize people to be where we need them most. It's the equivalent of removing sirens and flashing lights from emergency vehicles. If we don't know how valuable all the different uses of society's limited resources are...then it's impossible for resources to flow to where they create the most value. Without this essential information, it's a given that resources will flow the wrong directions and we will all be worse off." - The Essential Value of Incentives - For Kevin Vallier

Warren Gibson has a good review of Borderless Economics... in the Freeman that might be worth checking out here. Gibson is also blogging these days (here).

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