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If I may add, Steve, Leonard Liggio is also one of the great masters of history -- all history, and seemingly of every country and every period of time for all of the thousands of year man has been on this earth.

Many years ago, I once witnessed Leonard and another highly knowledgeable historian sit around and play a game of one-upmanship, of who knew more about everything in every historically small detail.

Leonard won, of course.

Happy Birthday, Leonard.

Your words are good and true to the man.

I remember Leonard from my college days at Fordham. I met him through Murray Rothbard during the late 1960s. Radicalism was everywhere in the air then. We libertarians -- Leonard and Murray included -- were trying to figure out if we could make common cause with the so-called "New Left." That ultimately went nowhere for what are now obvious reasons.

Leonard has spent his life building liberal and Austrian movements. I have learned much from Leonard both intellectually and about dedication to a purpose. Thank God he has come our way. Ad multos annos.

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