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The best piece of advice I ever heard (which I think I got from a Munger blog post), "Thinking without writing is day dreaming."

Writing is part physical labor and part mental effort. It is hard work. I have known a number of truly bright people who weren't up to it, and have consequently been ineffective.

I think blogs are a valuable complement to the process of writing papers and articles. One can work out ideas and get feedback. I am, however, perplexed by some who seem to view blogging as a substitute rather than a complement to the production of papers and articles. It doesn't work.

Writing is indeed a skill that takes consistent application to perfect. As it was said in the blog post "Good academic writing is a by-product of passion and purpose". Writing about a topic that motivates you makes you want to talk, write, and research more about it. This will therefore eventually lead you to know more about that topic. This whole process of writing and research is indeed just like Adam Smith’s idea of the invisible hand. It’s each individual’s personal effort to maximize their own knowledge that eventually leads to learning how to write better. A good example of the invisible hand applied to social sciences.

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