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re: "There is reason for hope and change in our society, but you will not find that on TV or in DC"

Well, except for those of us who learn economics in DC and also get an economics education for a public purpose ;-)

But I'm assuming "DC" was more a metaphor than a geographic location in this case!

I might have thought you would include Universidad Francisco Marroquin on your short list!!?!!!

Why Marroquin? Why would it be on anyone's short list for that matter.

As economics is being taught in many "upscale" universities, is it doing more harm than good? Many NYU undergraduates seem very poorly prepared in terms of basic economics intuition, they just solve problems - even in Principles. And in the Honors Principles, intuition is dead. I also wonder whether any good done by teaching micro Principles is undone (at most universities) by the teaching of macro Principles.

Blogs and people who post on them tend to emphasize differences, but we do have lots in common. For example, KB is right that we need to be concerned about excessive debt. We probably have differences about what level of debt would be "excessive," and about how to lower, or at least, not add to that debt. He is also right about the need to address Medicare spending.

Really intresting blog.good to know this different economics, well very true It is too important for the process of utilizing educaiton as a tool for students lives for the better.

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