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This conference could throw up some great themes. For example Barry Smith found that Menger's work was framed by Aristotelian metaphysics which is out of synch with the modern mainstream which is historicist on the Continental side and positivist on the other. So the mainstream of economics took on board much of the Austrian ideas MI etc but not the framework which partly accounts for the decline of the program in the 1930s. None of the work on philosophy and methods that flowed from logical empiricism, Kuhn and Lakatos addressed this situation. The work that did address it was out of sight in the philosophy of physics where another Austrian rediscovered the Aristotelian framework in his lifelong argument with the positivists.

Popper's ideas came to economics in the form of "positivism with a twist" (Hutchison) and the methodology of scientific research programs (Blaug reading Lakatos instead of Popper). The helpful ideas were left out - the critical appraisal of metaphysical research programs (to rediscover the Austrian/Arisotelian core)and Popper's four "turns" which are his real contribution, not the cariature labelled "falsificationism" in the standard texts.

Anyway I will offer these ideas to the management in case they would like to see a paper coming out of my work in progress on Popper and the other Austrians. "Even more Austrian economics" you could say:)

Very interesting! Thanks!

I am tempted but I am afraid the philosophers would make me crazy.

I mean this as constructive criticism: The "A" in that photo looked like a guillotine when I first saw it.

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The guillotine is how they deal with academic dishonesty in Texas.

Actually, in Texas they prefer old fashioned pistols in holsters like cowboys.

The late R.L. Moore (might be wrong about the initials), considered by many the father of American topology, served as chairman of the UT-Austin math department into his 80s. There was a great struggle to get him to step down and retire. At a dept meeting during that period when there was to be a vote on a crucial matter than Moore felt strongly about and thought would not pass, he showed packing heat in a holster and pulled the gun out and put it on the table when the matter came up for a vote. He got his way that day...

You could say he applied the guillotine to the debate! aka cloture or closure.

you will find over time that i wallow in style eorrrs and grammatical oddness and yet, much of it is deliberate, especially if you see me talking about something like a Great Big Thing, where i will get all crazy capitalizing for emphasis.ah, well, the fun of letters

You do not provide aehwynre near enough information to hazard a guess. What is the business? Is the helicopter involved in the business? If so how? What is the pilot licensing and experience? Where is the operating area? You've barely scratched the surface of the info necessary to hazard a guess.

Seems interesting to me to see that there is still place to deal upon "Humanity and Philosophy" in our modern world where almost everything is a matter of money and high technology.

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