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Suggestion: watch the movie Other People's Money for ideas.

How about this:

The president doesnt really create or destroy jobs, he is just a politician.

Here's my economic puzzler.

Price theory tells us a product with zero demand should not be produced.

No one has read Doonesbury since the 1970s, yet the thing is still produced.


Greg, the problem is that many people DO read Doonesbury, and those people (I believe) see themselves as sophisticates, and the rest of us as neanderthals. Trudeau (the cartoonist) is a darling of the elite left, so he does not have zero demand. On the contrary; the problem I see with Horwitz's idea is that it will only reach a very limited audience, all of which are (like me) members of the choir. Unfortunately, it is sound economic ideas that have (relatively) little demand. You need to appeal to the self-regarding sophisticates by creating a cartoon (or a video skit) that refutes Doonesbury and that is genuinely funny. Maybe the undergraduates can team up with other creative types to start fighting fire with fire.

When will the winner be chosen?

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