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Very interesting post and great organizational lessons!

My current organization suffers from an environment where the strongest contributors are provided little incentive to improve and there is minimal accountability. These factors are a primary reason the group is under-performing. When I lead an organization (or teach) someday I plan to fully incorporate these lessons.

Sounds like your coach had a great impact on your athletic career. I found that my coaches not only influenced my athletic performance but also instilled values that will sustain me through my life.

Great story Pete. Glad you memorialized Coach Walters in this way. I played competitive tennis at Rollins College in the 1970s under a legendary coach in Florida history, Norman Copeland. Our teams were not as good as in other school eras, partly because of my own shortcomings but also due to Title 9 that came in the year after I signed my (full) scholarship. With equal scholarships for women as men, we no longer could offer one full ride per year for men's tennis.

Tennis--what a competitive sport! Lots of running... And it is just you versus the opponent with little place to hide.

Ken,The logical eiveualqnce between verification and falsification only concerns finite existentials or circumscribed universals. With regard to uncircumscribed universals the matter is quite different both verifications and falsifications can only imply the falsity of uncircumscribed universals. While there are important methodological or extralogical issues, the asymmetry between verification and falsification manifests itself at the logical level.

Ken,I don't have a reference, uelnss LoSD counts. Anyway, it's not particularly complicated or controversial.To falsify all swans are white' one must verify some swans are non-white'. Thus falsification depends on verification. But this misses the point. Only existentials need to be verified in falsificationism, whereas the traditional problem of positivism was the verification of universals.

Then also the editor at Science slohud have blocked the paper for the same reason. He slohud have sent it back saying Withdraw the claim of support for cold fusion. Just report that you failed to find any evidence to rule that out. Again, all would have been fine. It's verificationism that caused this thing to blow up.

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