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Great video, and congratulations on the book! I really do hope it reaches students outside of GMU.

Your enthusiasm as a teacher is great, although I cannot agree with the general approach to economics you seem to be advocating. The task, in my opinion, is not to get out there and "do" economics, but rather to develop insights that further pierce the veil of our deeply-rooted ignorance. That is the theme of Austrian economics that has always attracted me. So, I don't think Leeson should be used as an example. Instead, I think you guys should be championing Jeffrey Friedman's recent work. He truly understands THE COORDINATION PROBLEM.

But, with that said, it is good to see Dr. Boettke publish a book. I do hope it reaches a wide audience. All the best,

a failed economist.

Another great talk Prof. Boettke. It's always great to hear someone who is excited about his field and excited about bringing people into it.

Is that mural online somewhere? It is hard to read it through the video.

P.S. I added your book to Hopefully it is as loved by students (like me) as it is by the incredible names that spoke praise.

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