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Looking pretty awesome there, Pete, :-).

Great speech.

) by formalizing and modniizleg as well it is a great tool for historical ordinary life.Hayekian spontaneous order theory is clearly nurtured by schutzian analysis the objective mening context ordering subjective meaning contexts , so spontaneous order supposed a framework marking out the boundaries of actions.Hayek theory is just merely an application of schutzian predicates to economy , etc

Mr. Chen,谢谢你及时的短评,我也一直在关注着这本词典。我不认为这是第一本美国版学习型词典,至少我手头上就有一本The American Heritage Dictionary for Learners of English。不过,应该承认,American Heritage 的这本学习型词典比较简单,规模和其他几本学习型词典不可同日而语。另外,我知道你写文章精益求精,但还是期望看到你更多的posts;而且,如果能更多地侧重于词典的内容,而不仅仅限于光盘的使用,那就更好了。最后,附上Amazon上对这本词典最新的,也是唯一的读者书评:Merriam-Webster’s at its best, September 27, 2008By Holger MetzgerThe list of Advanced Learner’s dictionaries is as long as my arm: Oxford, Cambridge, Collins…—and now there’s Merriam-Webster’s. I guess it was about time: the mraket for this kind of thing is huge. It is not surprising that M-W finally wanted its share of the pie.Well, M-W did not re-invent the concept: If you know the layout of one, you know them all: headwords are in bold, pronunciations are in the International Phonetic Alphabet, definitions come next, usually followed by one or two examples (in blue) to clarify the meaning of the word in question. Usage notes and illustrations are interspersed throughout the book. Like the Oxford Advanced Learner’s, M-W highlights approx. 3000 basic English words as the most important words a learner needs to know. Also included in the book: 16 pages color art (again, most dictionaries have those), an English Grammar review, often confused words, spelling rules, a handbook of style (mostly punctuation, capitals and italics), weight and measures, e-mail and letter writing, etc.The dictionary covers both British and American English. But the focus is definitely on the latter: in spelling and pronunciation, American is the norm (which is fine by me: it is an American Learner’s, after all!). The definitions are written in a clear and simple language (as far as I can tell). Entries are up-to-date. Last but not least, a free eBook download is included (but not yet available as I’m writing this).What is mssing is an accompanying version on CD. The online edition makes up for it, though.But the nagging question remains whether there is a compelling reason to buy it… in all fairness NOT if you already have one of the latest Advanced Learner’s available out there: Oxford is still the gold standard (a bit overrated I think), and Cambridge is getting better and better with each edition.But make no mistake: M-W’s Advanced Learner’s is an excellent dictionary and a worthy addition to the Advanced Learner’s Dictionaries mraket. It is quality throughout. If you are thinking about getting an ESL dictionary (especially if you want to focus on American English), you may want to give it a shot.

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