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Yttersåle som er i kontakt med bakken lag, litt hardere tekstur, slitasje sklisikkert funksjon. Faktisk har hver MBT joggesko sølv-hvite sin respektive teknologi og funksjoner.

I think the most you can say about the Peltzman effect is that the ipnmovemerts in health that result from ipnmovemerts in safety may be less than you expect. I've never understood the Peltzman effect arguments for precisely this reason. Because I think you're exactly right here: You should expect less of an improvement in safety from ipnmovemerts/regulation than you would holding everything constant. Or, in other words, there's a substitution effect. But why is there any reason to expect total substitution, or risk-level targeting? Or is there something I'm missing? Wouldn't a "full" Peltzman effect require some pretty bizarre assumptions about people's appetite for risk/utility for safety?

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