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As usual, excellent!

A very nice and well-deserved tribute to Henry Hazlitt, thank you!

There is a nice Hazlett quote on money in "Notable and Quotable" in the Weekend Wall Street Journal.

ArthurRegarding KeynesNever in the entire cousre of human affairs* has a single man provided such an extravagantly over-worded collection of bovine defaction as that statist shill Keynes with his circumlocutionary dissembling and deceptive ramblings of utter dishonest stupidity. The man was a carpetbagging liar and knew it.What does that hugely over-worded muck you quoted mean precisely?Keynes is claiming that big government central planning complete with nationalised non-specie fiat money leads to peace and hence is good.Yeah. Right.LGM*well OK there might be two others. Call it a tie!

and Mises were personally very fldrniey and Mises was greatly influenced by Weber. Weber may have come out of the older historical school, but he was fully on-board with marginalism. Also, Menger dedicated his 1871 book to two of the leading lights of the older historical school. The methodenstreit was real, but the cross-currents can get a little tricky. Pretty much, IMHO, Mises was a Weberian.

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