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All praise to Elgar. I hope the policy spreads and -- dare one hope? -- competition in publishing breaks out.

What does this mean? An e-book for those who like hardcopy would be a source from which you could print the book (a la xeroxing)?

That's still fricking pricey. Jeez.

Wow. This is a huge relief considering even our library cannot afford Edward Elgar books. Great news!

Pr Rizzo;

It depends where they were bought from. For example, Amazon's digital format makes that impossible. They have to be read from a Kindle or from a computer screen.

I don't know how to do serious research with screen only sources. I think it is a psychological problem in part. Even if I can highlight on a screen it doesn't seem as good a marking up stuff and taking notes with a pen.

So, Mario, are you a T-Rex or a stegosaurus?

The publisher tells me through his representative that the e-books will not be printable. However, university libraries will be able to subscribe to a service whereby one could download and print the book.

So the new pricing policy is for a completely virtual book. Having the "psychological problems" that I do -- presumably of an incurable nature -- I would never buy an Elgar e-book as an individual.

So looks like, with those comments, I can already say that there might be lot of interested about it now.

This is indeed great news, but I wish Elgar would make the volumes available via Amazon and Barnes and Noble. Doing so would add many conveniences--syncing one's notes in the Handbook between desktop, iPhone, and Nook, for example!

There should be a "like" button for Prof. Rosser's comment!

So I just saw this on Amazon: The Handbook on Contemporary Austrian Economics will be released in paperback this April. Price is $39.95.


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