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Suddenly I love the Principality of Liechtenstein and the European Center of Austrian Economics Foundation.

I'm going to submit a paper on how Mises said that there wasn't a "third solution". No third solution?

What about allowing taxpayers to directly allocate their individual taxes? Isn't that a third solution?

The problem with dogma is that it creates blinders. Mises said a third solution didn't exist and none of his followers doubted his false dichotomy.

What would this world look like today if Mises had been able to see this third solution? What will this world look like tomorrow if Austrian economists calculate the third solution's value to society?

I kindly did spread the word about it for three years, but the contest seams to be a mostly GMU oriented prize. Most of my friends are in the Mises camp, so they didn't feel like applying. And now we are to old for it :).

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