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I remember the interesting discussions in Murray Rothbard's living room during the late 1960s which often included Leonard Liggio. (I think it was at this time that I first learned that there were French classical liberals besides J.B.Say!)

In subsequent years Leonard did much to encourage the budding Austrians and libertarians. The numbers grew and Leonard continued his work.

Our classical liberal and Austrian movements would never have gotten as far as they have without Leonard.

One lovely and fine fellow. Congratulations on the recognition Leonard.

For the interested, here is an excellent interview of Leonard Liggio from the great Intellectual Portrait Series sponsored by the Liberty Fund. (The whole series is quite good [especially Israel Kirzner!].)

Leonard's knowledge is broad and deep. He sets a high standard for us. And always with a mild and pleasant demeanor. Thanks for being great, Leonard.

Here is a project we are working on in Atlas in honor of Leonard: . It includes almost all of his publications and will be updated regularly to include other material.

It will be officially launched after the dinner on Sunday so the webpage is still work in progress.

If you have any problems with the webpage or would like to add any material please do not hesitate to let us know. you can send an email directly to me (

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