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Thank you! Videos like this are always appreciated.

You guys should still consider posting the "infamous" audio recording of Professors Horwitz, Boettke, and Prychitko that would later lead to the publication of their 1986 paper. We all, I think, know the facts: fundamental points were discussed among these three burgeoning Austrian scholars in a rowboat.....


This is a fantastic lecture! Great job. There is an amazing amount of information condensed into this lecture, but very masterfully presented in a simple but not simplistic way.

Thanks K, I appreciate the kind words.

Yea, you are a very good large-audience public speaker, Dr. Horwitz. Very enjoyable, very engaging, and very informative. It would have been great to take your Austrian economics class at SLU.

Steve, the "Hayek meets Mises" story can be set up as a funny story, as Hayek liked to do:

Hayek: "I rather like telling the story of how I came to [Mises looking for a job] with a letter of introduction by [Friedrich] von Wieser, who was my real teacher, who described me as a promising
economist. Mises looked at me and said, "Promising economist? I've never seen you at my lectures." [laughter]"

Hayek in later years can't remember attending any of Mises lectures (attendance at lectures was not required), but his school papers show Hayek getting signed off for one of Mises' classes. I don't know how that process worked at the U. of Vienna ...

Hayek actually had a very close relationship with Wieser. Hayek was the only graduate student invited to Wieser's home, and Hayek's _The Pure Theory of Capital_ shows the profound imprint of Wieser's explanatory strategy on Hayek's own economics.

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