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Drinking a spoonful of whiskey at the same time would be appropriate.

It seems a drinking game has already been created for it:

It's not as funny as the Royal Wedding drinking game in my opinion.

Seriously though...who's going to watch?

I haven't watched a political speech since Bush the Elder. If I want someone to lie to my face, I'll head down to the used car lot.

Before I looked at the link I thought this was some sort of combined poke at the Clintons with yet another ding on the broken window fallacy. After all, the Clintons supposedly removed spoons from the White House when they left, so perhaps sending spoons to the WH to replace the ones gone missing back then would be sort of like fixing a broken window, all that extra employment to produce the spoons.

Interesting talk further illustrating Milton's point.

Hmm... I think you should have used the phrase "you should pass it right away." This came up several times. It also has the advantage of being used in every "new plan" speech which will ever be given in DC.

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