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Congratulations to Ben and to Evgyny for the placement. Whatever they're paying you at Suffolk, Ben, it ain't enough.

Pete, thanks for the nice plug. And Roger, I'll be sure to share your comment with my department chair and dean!

BTW, Pete's post was a little ambiguous at the end. Evgeny will be joining the University of Minnesota's Applied Economics Department, Econ Department, and School of Management, all on a 2 year post-doc fellowship. Evengy's done solid empirical work showing the rent seeking impact of occupational licensure in his dissertation and he'll be working closely at Minn with Morris Kleiner who is widely recognized as a leader in that field. So it will be a great opportunity for him. I'm expecting a solid stream of journal articles from him over the next two years building on what he's already done.

That's some important work, to be sure. I hope he'll publish much, and widely, on the subject.

Ben, Great listing of insightful work! My only suggestion is that you might want to include, maybe in parentheses at the end of each pub. listing, the names of any co-authors. Given that you have the links to all of them it is not necessary; I'm just old school about this...

Some great work there. It's a nice looking website as well.

Greatful!Just apply to my interest!Thanks you for sharing with all of us!
eve isk:

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