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A wise advisor once told me to separate my thoughts into a left column and a right column. The phrase "yea, clap you one armed bastard." definitely goes into the left column.

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Immortal not immoral

Well, that too.


I never said that for a blog post! That is about journal articles. And I actually think you can make a journal quality argument on why "cutting the arms off" those jugglers is the right 'constitutional political economy' position, rather than expecting policy makers to engage in optimal monetary or fiscal policy as if they were benevolent social planners. Don't you? And if so, then what if we endogenize that public choice insight? Wouldn't that give second thought to these policy plans to get the budget in control over time, or to engage in QE? to stabilize whatever we need to stabilize? We lock our bikes when we ride down town, we lock our doors when we go to sleep at night, don't you think we need to do a better job of "locking" when it comes to political decision makers and our financial stakes?

So when those politicians engage in endless juggling, we either have to take the balls away, or we have to cut off their arms. To me the more sensible solution is to cut off the arms. As Hume wrote long ago, when designing a government we must presume that all men are knaves. I don't want those knaves juggling with my, my children and my grandchildren's financial future.

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