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It is an privilege having been born in Guatemala, in this time and being able to study at Universidad Francisco Marroquin. Thank you very much, Professor Boettke, for sharing with the World the work they are doing at UFM.

If it wasn´t for UFM I don´t know where my intellectual journey would have had taken me. I will always cheirsh learning about the principles of a free society and the many doors this wonderful school opened for me. Thank you so much Dr. Boettke for this wonderful article.

How do foreign professors become involved with UFM? Is it possible?

Pardon an off topic comment, but I saw Veronique de Rugy on Fox last night representing the Mercatus Center and she did a great job!

Nice! I´m very proud of being part of this great institution. It was very nice to receive your visit Pete. We hope to see you soon again.

Great article.

It might be helpful, though, to say (and link to) what UFM is.

Universidad Francisco Marroquín

Peter and Chris,

We were very happy to have you here! Your lectures on Human Action, Business Cycle Theory and Entrepreneurship were wonderful!

Hope to receive you again in our campus,

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