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There also was a short TV interview, but the link isn't currently working.

You will most likely have to use Google Translator to see what I said.

Ok, Pete. Is that ball really spinning on your finger or is it computer graphics?

In all honesty Mario, I have no idea if the photographer actually caught the ball on the move from my middle finger to my index finger --- which I did do --- or if the spinning was blurry so they photoshopped the picture for publication. But I spent many an hour learning how to spin a basketball on my fingers when I was between 12 and 20 (because Pete Maravich could do so and he was my idol; I could even spin and then punch the ball into a hoop at the height of my skills). Of course, none of this is useful on the court, but just means you play a lot with a basketball in a lot of ways.

Anyway like Gisele Bundchen what is real and what is photo enhanced is only known to the photographer and the publisher at the moment of printing.

My mis-spent youth --- Pete

lookin' good Pete. suspiciously, so.
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So they both surprised me by asking me extensive questions about sports and coaching careers (something all middle aged former high school and college athletes like to talk about --- you know the older we get the better we used to be!).


As far as I am concerned, then, you did it! Wow!

A fantasic post and an excellent blog. I am now following. Thanks, Steve

It is not true suffering ennobles the character; happiness does that sometimes, but suffering, for the most part, makes men petty and vindictive.

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