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Congratulations to Adrian, whom I seen working hard and rigorously with my own eyes on this project!

We're all looking forward to the next volume and his future work.

Good work!

If I may be so bold, for those whose appetites have been simulated by Steve's excellent interview, the interview with me with the title, "Austrian Economics versus the Mainstream," which will appear in that volume two, may be accessed at:

Richard Ebeling

My greetings to Adrian Ravier, who I met at the Austrian Seminar in Rome two years ago.

Great book. Congratulations!

About this interview:

AR: What is the Hayekian Monetary Rule for central banks?

HORWITZ: I’m assuming you mean the idea of trying to hold MV constant, because I’ve never heard it called that before!

Marius Gustavson has written a paper on the topic titled "The Hayek Rule". See:

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