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"So how does one conduct a rational choice analysis of the messy world of political economy of everyday life?"
I am sure that you are being rhetorical here, as the entire Katrina project, that you directed, attests to. Yes, knowing what to ask, and how to ask it, is crucial. Everyone should attend V. Storr and E. Chamlee-Wright's qualitative methods seminar. They spend a considerable number of hours on these specific points.
(Professor Boettke, it is always enlightening to read your scholarship and your blog posts [no matter how long!])

Notice the difference with the healthy and confident science of biology -- where most biologists prefer doing field research and "thick" studies, and they are rewared and encouraged to do so. And the great figures in the science set an example of just this sort of work.

Yes Brian, Katrina project was my idea, and I was the PI throughout. And Emily and Virgil exemplify this style of work in political economy that I am talking about. But the origins of Katrina are to be found in the Global Prosperity Initiative and our transition economies and developing economies field work.


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