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I'd be interested in hearing about your discussions with the Czechs, especially what went well (is going well) during the transition from socialism and what didn't go so well. Hard to believe it's been 20 years.

Is North Africa going to be next?

Don't forget to sample the beer.

"I am working on that vice, but like my waistline that battle has yet to be won."

Have you considered trying low-carb or paleo nutrition for the waistline woes?

I'm glad to hear the Austrian school has made it out to the Czech Republic.

I lived there for two years, speak the language fluently, and have seen *amazing* economic change there in the last 13 or so years I've been traveling there.

I'll be glad to hear about some of the scholars coming out of the Czech Republic.

I loved your lectures, professor. Thanks for coming here.

I've been involved with the University in Aix-en-Provence for nearly 30 years. Jacques Garello, Pierre Garello, J-P Centi and others have provided great leadership. Leonard Liggio has been a catalyst in the US for bringing scholars over. These situations develop over many years.

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