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Sending this to all my Green friends!

Awe. some.


You should check out Rosling's video on life expectancy and economic development, with interactive charts that he touches "in the air."

I've seen it David. It's terrific too.

Which makes it even more outrageous that the Federal government has essentially outlawed the affordable top-loading wash machine -- the effective and cheap entry models.

The American ruling class couldn't care less -- they can well afford the high end front loaders. And the manufactures are happy to be allowed to sell only high margin, top end units.

The washing machine gave women leisure time with which to read Fabian tracts, and then to demand the vote, and then to vote for growth-inhibiting statist policies. Thus there have been no major advances in home economy since the microwave oven was introduced in the mid-20th century.

It was a good start. The reference to Dilma Roussef is very misleading though. If there is one thing no one knows her for in Brazil is her tenure as minister of Energy. In the poor areas of the country she was known, for political purposes, as "Lula's woman" (rather detrimental if you're thinking about women's emancipation).

While it is understandable that the author wanted to make the link woman-energy-developing country-democracy, this reference is a bit of a stretch.

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