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What a great group. Congratulations to everyone involved.

Congratulations to Dan! This is great news for the world of economics, especially great news for Troy, and of course welcome news to the rest of us at GMU. I bet we'll see a lot of great things from this group of scholars.

Congratulations Dan!

Congrats again, Master Smith!

Nice work!

Look out Auburn, they are coming to get you!

They are recruiting Australians as well.


Road Trips!

Fantastic news! Congratulations to Dan and Scott!!

Congratulations to him. Ironically, I applied to Troy University for a job and didn't get hired there. You would think I would have gotten special consideration! ;-)

Congratulations, Dan! It sounds like you have a truly great opportunity to build something at Troy and you certainly have great colleagues as partners. While I love thinking and writing about ideas, my work with the Center for the Study of Political Economy at H-SC has been the most fulfilling part of my job. As I am sure Scott will tell you (and as you have no doubt witnessed with Pete) there is something incredibly empowering about cultivating students to think and write about economics. Its a tangible contribution to the world.

Of course, Congratulations go out to Scott, Dan and George as well!

Great news all round - I look forward to seeing how the program develops

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