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In the same way that a whole note can be divided into two half notes and a half note can be divided into two quarter notes, a quarter note can be divided into two eighth notes and an eighth note into two sixteenth notes. (In fact, a sixteenth note can be divided into two thirty-second notes.) The principles are the same as before.air max 95 In a given piece of music, one note value will form the basis of counting; it will represent one beat of the steady beat. Other note values will represent musical time that is proportional to the basic beat.These new notes - eighth, sixteenth, and thirty-second - look like a quarter note (filled note head with a stem) with flag/s or?beam/s at the?end of the stem farthest from the note head.? The eighth note has one flag or beam; the sixteenth has two; the thirty-second has air max 2009? When the flag is used

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