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A likely reason why both Popper and Polanyi declined is that they apparently did not like each other. I seem to recall that there was even a charge of plagiarism at one point.

Struan Jacobs, the inaugural Critical Rationalist Scholar, researched the relationship between Polanyi and Popper: they were on good terms in the early 1950s but became estranged, partly due to their conflicting views on objective and subjective knowledge.

The issue of plagiarism arose in relation to Polanyi and Kuhn where Jacobs found strong evidence that Kuhn lifted some leading ideas of his magnus opus from Polanyi. Not that it is worth much anyway, so it is a wonder the Hayek recommended it to Popper.

The list of CR scholars and the criteria may be of interest. Boettke, Horwitz and Koppl have been nominated for consideration by the committee.


The above statement was more or less a third-hand account that came from an essay by Thomas Torrance, where he related that Magda, Michael's wife, told him that Polanyi felt that *Popper* “pinched” some of Michael's distinctive ideas on the nature of scientific discovery, such as those presented in his paper, “The Unaccountable Element in Science”.

This is a different episode form the Kuhn incident.

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