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Congratulations, Virgil! I didn't know about this news; and it's great news IMHO. FWIW, I think Virgil comes down in exactly the right spot methodologically. He recent RAE piece on Schutz was just right, I thought.

Congratulations, Virgil. I agree with Roger, the RAE piece on Schultz was very interesting. I met Virgil at FSSO, and he's a brilliant, insightful man.

While I knew about this, I must say that I think that Virgil is the best possible choice for an interdisciplinary Hayekian journal which is what the SEO is. I have never met Virgil, but I have read his book "Enterprising Slaves & Master Pirates" which I found theoretically interesting as well as a good read. I would also like to take the opportunity to promote a current project of mine by pointing out that Virgil is contributing a book chapter to the Handbook of Creative Cities, which I'm co-editing (Elgar, 2011)(btw, there will also be other Austrian-influenced contributions by P Gordon/S Ikeda, R Holcombe, P Desrochers, F Foldvary, G diZerega, S Moroni and myself).

This is great Virgil, and another important move for you and for the future of good economics in this world. I have learnt a lot from working with you over the years and I can't wait to materialize our future projects together and keep learning Storrian economics.

Congrats Virgil,

You have influenced me in a number of professional, and significantly personal ways. This is quite well-deserved.


Money is soming, not every. But without money, you can't do anything in this world!

I decided not to vote for Gray a few years ago when he decided oppose specific fines for blocking bike lanes - "without further study".

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