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Gee, I could have bought The Calculus of Consent for $3 at the Sydney Uni book fair but I blew my budget on The Economic Laws of Scientific Research by Terence Kealey.

great photo! although it's crying out as a caption contest

here's my effort:

"Have you seen this piece of crap, Jim? It's good for a laugh."

"I paid Gordon Tullock $50 to put my name first -- sucker!"

"Be careful. It's sticky."

What did it cost?

Thought bubble: "Second hand! Goddam. She better not ask me to sign it".

What university threw it out?

How come it was cheaper than "The Economic Laws of Scientific Research?

Comments above aside, there is something quite sweet about this.

Yes there is, Mario. I envy the attendees!

Of course it's sweet. It tells us something about these people as well.

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