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Congratulations to Pete! It's a great article. We need more of those kinds of articles in more newspapers.And we need more people, like Steve, appearing on news shows.

I was so happy to see an article about the Austrian School and Mr. Boettke in the WSJ. Everyone needs to understand this theory in order to get back to limited government.

Congratulations Pete! I'm using your textbook this year for my introductory econ course for a class of non-economics and non-business majors at Regis College in Denver. More dissemination of the Analects of Boettke.

You guys are the hope of our nation! Keep up the good work!!

That's a great news! Congratulations.

Hey, what happened to Walras?!


It is good to see Rosemary get a well-deserved nod. Congratulations Pete!

Congratulations, Peter, and well deserved. But we are disappointed that we did not get to see you lecturing in the "maroon velour track suit."

Dom Armentano
Vero Beach, Florida 32963

@ Dom,

Glad to see your comment and hope you are well.

Assuming he wants this type of publicity, congrats to Boettke. I find him interesting to read, even separately from his involvement with Austrianism.

Hearing Prof. Boettke speak at FEE this August was a true honor and I envy those of you who have had the opportunity to study and work with this man!

For all you youngsters who want articles published about you in the WSJ some time in the future, keep in mind that the key here for Pete has been the "dress crocs and the "salty language." Peppery will not suffice, :-).

Since I posted my congratulations to Pete under Steve's announcement, I can be annoying here.

You say "simultaneous discovery" I say COORDINATION *PROBLEM*.

Hello everyone, I am a frequent Blogger on Newmarks Door, and on Red state and Q & O.

I lurked here for a while and I like it. I only have a BS in economics, so I won't try to understand everything that is being said.

Yet another congratulations, Pete! I'm really happy for you and it's a great bit of publicity for AE, as well. The article is going on my office door!

This is for Chris rather than Pete:
The consequences of external reform: lessons from the French Revolution

I really like your post you done a great jobs . Thanks for sharing valuable information.

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