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This question is probably pedantic to ask; but is it like a general introduction to the calculation debate or with real, relevant insights that are not (or not as outspoken) in the Mises-Hayek-Lavoie-Boettke literature?

(In order to assess the cost/benefit ratio of buying it. :))

"It takes varied reiterations to force alien concepts upon reluctant minds."

de Soto mainly provides an exposition of the argument about economic calculation, but he does relate it explicitly to the entrepreneurial market process and the role of entrepreneurial appraisement plays a significant role in his understanding.

I wouldn't have brought the book out in my series had I not thought it as making an important contribution to the advancement of our research and educational mission. So I think the book is well worth the price tag. You will learn from it.


I was interested in reading it, but I was scared by the language. Italian is similar to spanish, but not enough similar to read 400 pages of technical issues. Alas, other 60$ are quite gone... :-)

Routledge comes out with a lot of good stuff. I hope that one day they bring down the price of their paperbacks (maybe I am being cheap, but neither do I have that much money to spend) to maybe $20-25.

Maybe I'll get lucky and used copies will enter circulation soon.

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If you’re a regular reader or have attended any of my webcasts or live seminars you probably know of my passion for the technology now known as “scan and populate” --- I term I coined back in 2006 when the concept was first being developed.

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