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One wonders why more of this kind of material isn't beibg published in "The Collected Works of F A. Hayek"

Hayek has some good short piece on the central planning of science, on scientism and on liberalism, among other topics, which have never been collected.

One can only hope that the plan is to publish this stuff, although the schedule of volumes in the series doesn't leave hint of any such plan.

Is the short piece on the cetral planning of science available anywhere online? Thanks a lot.

Matěj Šuster, if I remember right Hayek's writings against the science planners / nationalizers were in _Nature_.

They may have their archive available to subscribers, I don't know.

The article in "Nature" is called, "Planning, Science and Freedom," (1941).

I looked through some of my files, and I'm not able to find a copy. (I thought I had it, somewhere.)

Richard Ebeling

Available here -- but only for a ridiculously high price of US$32. :-))

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