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Since competitive cooking is the only sport that's not a zero sum game, I'm going with Alton Brown and Mario Batali for athletics.

Vincent Ostrom and Loic Wacquant; Johnny Rotten and Tom Waits; Michael Phelps and Chef Morimoto

A deep thinker? What did you make of the lyrics of his song? You can see why you had to be stoned to appreciate it.

Give me a table with Mises and Popper.
Kruschev and John F Kennedy

Talking Heads suck. They'll never be as good as GWAR.

If by modern we mean living,

Stuart Kauffman and Leda Cosmides

Milan Kundera and Jack White (of The White Stripes, The Raconteurs, and The Dead Weather)

Don't care for sports, so there's not really anyone in the sports world I'd care one way or the other to meet.


Academics - Israel Kirzner and Manfred Max Neef (I disagree with Max Neef on much but having had dinner with him once he was a fascinating dinner companion)

Art - Anthony Bourdain and Wynton Marsalis

Athletics - Fabian Cancellera and Jonathan Vaughters

Academics - Thomas Sowell, Theodore Dalrymple

Arts - Cormac McCarthy, Keith Waldrop

Athletics - Joe Torre, Takeru Kobayashi

Yes, Pete, it is legend how you used to like to hang out at the no-longer-existing CBGB's in your misbegotten youth, :-).

Academics—Stephen R. L. Clark, David Schmidtz, John Searle
Art—Whit Stillman and Joss Whedon

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