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Lots of interesting and funny advices. My favourites:

“Do rational choice as if the choosers were human.”

“Saying that people respond to incentives doesn’t tell me anything unless you tell me how they understand those incentives.”

“There’s no such thing as ‘no theory,’ only inarticulate and undefended theories or
articulated and defended ones.”

“Become an input into others’ production functions.”

“Economics puts parameters on people’s utopias.”

Wonderful paper :) Boettke, I'll always remember you as the professor who awakened my inner economist. Thank you for your continued inspiration!

Nice post!...very nice personal experience story...yeah,its really true that wife is always right!

Adam, fine piece of work.

One correction: "Don't get it right, get it written" is a lovely quote from the late great Kenneth Boulding.


Great writing Adam. I found it personally helpful to have the list collected and briefly summarized as a synopsis of some of the useful things I learned in my year at GMU.

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