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I still miss the sound of Joe Nuxhall's voice on Reds broadcasts so I sympathize, Steve.

As a kid who grew up on radio baseball I know the value of the the "Voice of the Team". In Baltimore we had Check Thompson and when we summered in Cape May, NJ I listened to the Voice of the Phillies, Harry Kalas as he would announce Michael Jack Schmidt coming to the plate. I caught some of Mel Allen as well the Scooter Phil Rizzuto out of NY at times as well as Joe Nuxhall when I lived in Cincy. These voices, which Harwell was one, are like smelling mom's pies and dad's bar-b-q they only ever elicit the best of memories. RIP Ernie.

I'd like to echo Bob's comments -- I grew up in Cincinnati in the 1970's. Marty and Joe were the voice of baseball to me, so with Joe Nuxhall's passing a few years back I can relate to what losing Ernie must be like.

Amen to that , steve. I know exactly what you mean.

One of my first memories is of listening to the Tigers. You "remember" the many pinch hit home runs by Gates Brown, but it's really the words spoken over the radio by Ernie that created those memories.

The news is not that social democracies are trying to commit suicide, the problem is to explain how did they succeed in surviving for so long.

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