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Jerry Gaus is developing a PPE track at Arizona

Denison University has a PPE program.

But isn't it the case that all of the PPE programs in the US derive their names from the "modern Greats" program, leading to the BA in PPE, that Oxford introduced after World War II? It's still going strong, I believe.

Chicago doesn't make much sense, considering Hayek was there, but as for the rest, why, who would want a center named after some right-wing nut? That, at least, is my guess as to why they don't have one yet -- though, of course, each one of them really should. Some reality-based research would be nice.

In the UK, Oxford, Warwick and the School of PEP, University of York (not to be confused with New York University or Canada's York University) offer undergraduate courses that are as challenging as the ones offer by UPenn and Duke.

If you're looking at graduate PPE programs, The School of PEP) has one that allows for a permutation of any of the three subjects here leading to a MA. The School of PEP also offers a research degree programme (MPhil/PhD) - research interests here.

looks like hyperlinks are purged from comments - I'll leave the links here:

Oxford PPE (BA) -

Warwick PPE (BA/BSc) -

School of PEP
1. BA
2. MA -
3. MPhil/PhD -
*research interests:

hope that helps!

Maybe you should start one. Maybe hire an interdisciplinary humanities scholar who uses Hayek's spontaneous order theory. :-)

Yee sian, thanks for the info. If anyone else knows of a PPE program that grants Phds, please post further. My applications for a Phd in philosophy did not go well, despite my qualifications (I am getting an MA in philosophy at Va Tech), and I am looking for more options for next year's application cycle.


In what area in philosophy are you are interested?

Well, that's one of the problems. I am a bit all over the place. I do have a significant interest in political and social thought, although a good bit of my research in that area is the result of work bleeding over from applied ethics, language, or social epistemology. I am interested in epistemology generally, virtue and social specifically; also, I can't seem to get the metaphysics bug out of my system. I have side interests in Chinese thought--a greatly underappreciated source for Austrians--and philosophy of religion. So the only thing that really leaves out is ethics and aethetics.

Enrolling in a PPE graduate program would be great, as it would allow me to get back to an interest in economics; but it would force me to table my other interests in philosophy, which is not something I would want to do.

The School of PEP) has one that allows for a permutation of any of the three subjects here leading to a MA .

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