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Not all people would agree on Padilla´s findings. I direct you to this article where Sasha Grey, a porn actress, discusses the use of condoms or not in porn:

¨How about if you pick a question you have never been asked and thrill us?

Nobodies ever asked me if I support condom only porn. The answer is YES until the health care system in this industry gets a whole lot better, I think folks in the biz need to wake up it's not just about HIV/AIDS. Also, educate yourselves young porn girls and guys.¨

Talk is cheap!

Is she saying that if STDs will be treated at public expense, she won't mind contracting them?

Talk about private profits and public losses.

Best research gig in academia? Really?

"the VCR (and don't forget that's a big part of why VHS beat out Beta was porn)"

This is largely a myth.

1. You could get longer porn on the VHS than a similar quality Beta tape. But this supports a more general reason for VHS success: longer videos at same quality (or higher quality at same length).
I think this is trivial, though. Who needs 2 hour porn?!

2. Beta tapes were much better for home recording (among other things, they were easier to edit). And many, many video rings (and subsequent distribution networks) cropped up to (1) share (on a short-term basis) homemade porn with other couples and (2) duplicate these tapes to spread them more widely (beyond your local video ring, and often without the original couple's consent). So even if commercially produced porn was restricted on VHS, the actual quantity of porn available on the Beta standard was probably greater.

Government-back-stopped investment banks behaving like hedge funds on the taxpayer dime have given capitalism a pretty bad rep lately.

Have a name suggestion? The contest officially starts now and ends the morning of April 26th, 2010 (that means you have one week to think).

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