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Congratulations, Pete! So well deserved!

That is quite a list of scholars to join! Congratulations!

Very nice remarks, Pete. And congratulations big time for a great honor that rightly recognizes just how much you have done over the years.

Congratulations Pete

What Current said.

Congratulations for a richly deserved award.

Congratulations, Pete - very well-deserved!

Congratulations, Peter. Your talk is great and full of very interesting and insightful remarks. Thanks for that.
And thanks for your great work in this blog. It's very appreciated and marvellous that you take your precious and scarce time to write here for everyone interested.

Nice work Coach!

What Barkley said.

Congratulations Prof. Boettke! Very well deserved!

Congradulations. Even though I only took one class with you, it had a profound impact on my economic way of thinking. Your class opened my eyes to thinking about methodology, epistemology, institutions and other concepts that other teachers don't cover with as much depth or skill. Keep up the good work!

gongrats and im very proud of you!..

Congratulations Prof. Boettke, this is a much deserved award. Your teachings and ability to transmit your own ideas and those of past winners of this award is commendable and inspirational. Keep up the good work.


You fellas should have a talk to the Adam Smith institute, they are getting interested in Austrian ideas.


Congratulations Professor Boettke!!

Congratulations, it is well deserved.

Congratulations indeed, Pete.

Late to the party, congratulations Pete. More than deserved!!

Peter Lewin.

more comfortable viewing myself as someone who studies the work of these past winners and teaches their works to my students, rather than someone who is on any list with them. But I will gladly and humbly accept this honor from our society.

As many of you know

I still have to pinch myself to realize I am not living a dream. And last weekend just made me realize once again how fortunate I am.

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