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I'm using this in class Tuesday. Thanks for that, Steve.

Wow, beaurocrats just don't get it.

I don't get it. Obama has so many best-and-brightest Ivy League brainiacs on his team. They can't be this dumb. Can they?

Those who try to engineer society from the top down are clearly insane.

And when there is an increase in single mom unemployment, they'll never understand the cause.

I'm neither an economist nor a defender of this bill, but isn't one's job the main factor in determining one's income? Any unemployed person is pretty much by definition "low-income." If he or she then gets a high-paying job, then he or she is no longer "low-income." In that case, isn't the incentive for employers to pay their employees enough that they wouldn't need the subsidies?

Charity workers are similarly judged upon the reports of their work by donors, the charity itself, and 3rd party groups.

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