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Congrats to Mr. Skarbek and Duke!

Congratulations to David!

Congratulations Dave!

That is amazing news. I am very excited about this.

[David Cutcliffe and the football team promise good off-season entertainment as well.]

Way to go!

Congrats to Dave and Duke!

Congratulations to David.

I am so happy for you, you deserve this.

Great job, Dave!

Awesome news!!! Congrats!!!

Congrats Dave!

Congrats Dave!

Congratulations David! This is awesome news! Looking forward to see more great work from you!

Very cool!

Congratulations David!! Great news.

That is great news David. It really is at the intersection of economics and political science where a lot of interesting questions need to be addressed.

BENTHAM IN THE PICTURE! Now that is news.

Keep in mind that Bentham's real head rotted long ago, but the body is still his, at least as well preserved as Lenin's.

Dave will be in the same department as one of the ones that Timur Kuran is in.

Way to go, very happy for you!!

Gadamer, like Hayek, complains that about scholars who are "prejudiced against prejudice

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