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Terrific news for Chris and for the GMU department and the Austrian/market process program. Congrats all around.

Good news! Congratulations to Chris and GMU.

Congratulations, Chris! This is good for GMU and good for economics.

The fact that Chris Coyne and Peter Leeson have joined the GMU faculty not only is great but it also shows that GMU is ahead of my Ph.D programs in terms of teaching their graduates how to be a good economist, do interesting research, and more importantly (according to academic standards) to publish. Congratulations to Chris! My former student who is at GMU and hopefully the future ones are extremely thrilled by this news!

I'd like to ask Chris how his book will differ from William Easterly's work.

Congratulations, Chris!

Welcome back, Chris!

FANTASTIC!! Wow! Boettke works his magic again.

Mazeltov Chris!


Congrats to Chris, and to Pete and Pete. I remember you all talking nearly a decade ago how you would all love to work at GMU together. Congrats on making it happen.

Great news!

Congratulations to Chris and all others involved.

how his book will differ from William Easterly's work ??

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