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It seems that Daily Kos likes you and hates those fringe crazy loons, non-familiar with the "true" Austrian theory, such as Rothbard. Moreover, commies at DK fully agree with your interpretation of the AE and almost can feel your pain while unsuccessfully trying to civilize these fringe loons. The:
even understand and support your decision to become "coordination problemists":

"Over the last several decades, the Austrian school has become short hand for a set of fringe political policies which have little to do with actual Austrian thought. The problem has gotten so bad the blog formerly known as The Austrian Economists has changed its name to the Coordination Problem. After years of trying to rehabilitate the term, they’ve given up.

To some extent, the Austrians have only themselves to blame. Try describing prominent latter day Austrians like Murray Rothbard and Lew Rockwell without using words like “strident”, “loud” and “way out there”. The fundamental insights of the Austrians, going back to Carl Menger, have been lost in the noise."

It's good to know that commies consider you to not be "way out there", i.e. too far from Krugman, Bernanke or De Long. :)

btw, when we talk about the significant events on the intellectual scene, such as this Daily Koss article, there is one more interesting thing to note. Namely, the fringe loons from this DK article held a conference about the Fed at Jekyll Island last week (maybe you did not hear about that even, so that's the reason why you did not provide the link). Even one of the good, serious and "respectable" guys, one would never except to go "way out there" at such dark places, joined these crazy conspiracy freaks to bash the Fed and advocate its abolishing for a two days in a row. :)

Actually, VA Classical Liberal is my real name.

My parents were huge John Locke fans.

That is a great write up VACL. I was surprised to see it at a "tool shed" like DK.

I agree somewhat that the Austrian are to blame for their own perception, but only to a degree. The fact that Austrians speak to the dangers of government intervention into the economy also drives the political class (with their large megaphone) to endlessly denigrate the school of thought.

I agree somewhat that the Austrian are to blame for their own perception.

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