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Ostrom's book on democracy/cies provides a nice indictment of Wilson.

Exciting seeing the true liberal sage Epstein going epic!

Lord knows liberalism needs leaders now.

My professor of "scientific bureaucracy" taught the "science" of Freud as part of his "scientific" field ..

Is Epstein auditioning for the Glenn Beck show?

Credit Jonah Goldberg's Liberal Fascism (2008) with raising the issue of the Progressives. Goldberg observed that Wilsonian Progressivism was admired by Mussolini.

Jerry's praise for *Liberal Fascism* echoes my own in this review in the Independent Review: http://www.independent.org/pdf/tir/tir_13_03_7_horwitz.pdf

Question for Steve, Jerry or anyone else:
Did you read the recent set of posts at the history news network site about Goldberg's book (with his response)? If so, do you have any thoughts?

I did Bill. But I skimmed the two really nasty criticisms, read the other two a bit closer and then read JG's response. Tossing out the two nasty ones, which just seemed to me to be pure vitriol, I thought the other two largely raised reasonable points, but JG was pretty effective coming back at them with chapter and verse about how he had addressed most of those issues. Goldberg's book is pretty well footnoted, though it doesn't have the depth and breadth a professional historian would bring to it. I think the critics came off looking a bit hysterical and JG pretty reasonable, even if both sides scored points.

I didn't read the exchange, but agree with Steve's assessment of the book. Goldberg says it isn't an academic effort, but it is heavily footnoted.

Goldberg unearthed some obscure literature, including a piece by Murray Rothbard on the Progressives. He is not an historian, so doesn't get into the subtlties of the fascist movement, etc.

My favorite line is about George Bush and his policies. Goldberg described Bush as a Christian Socialist.

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