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I enjoyed Freakonomics, but to me the Super version seems like a re-write of Harford's and Becker's stuff. I think it is less engaging and less interesting than both - although it does have good moments.

Perhaps it is like a difficult second album.

I've given multiple people copies of Tim Harford's The Undercover Economist as gifts. I find its the type of book that gives you little insights into everyday life. Great book to get people thinking about economics, easy and interesting read.

Henry Hazlitt, Economics in One Lesson. I read this book in high school because I was "lazy" and wanted to learn economics quickly. It changed my life.

Thomas Sowell's "Basic Economics" was the first book about economics that I read. I learned a great deal from that book in a very short amount of time; it is no nonsense and excellently written.

It occurred to me: What has happened so that "incentives matter" is informative?

I'd show this beer ad to a high school econ class to drive in the point that incentivs matter:

Chris Lemens

The ad is quite good.

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