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I prefer Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin.

Now, if yo could get a couple of Sinatra and Martin "sing-alikes" and have them do it do a 1930's "swing" tune . . .

You might have the Keynes "sound-alike" sing the early 1930s song, "We're in the Money," since if you listen to the lyrics it's all about the benefits of silver monetization as a "solution" to the Great Depression.

Richard Ebeling


Finally, a good answer to the John Maynard Keynes sing-along video:

Rap does not have to be your taste to see how well this was done.

I know one does not have to like "rap crap."

I actually think the video is exceptionally well done, especially so in that if you listen carefully to the lyrics they are truely faithful to the ideas of both Keynes and Hayek.

Richard Ebeling

Russell Roberts deserves major props for this. It's entertaining and informative -- just like his novels. I especially like the part where "Hayek" discovers the General Theory in the hotel nightstand in lieu of the Bible. Very funny.

That was great. I liked Mike Munger as the limo driver.

I think that Roberts's portrayal of Hayek's business cycle theory in this video is too simplistic, almost on the verge of Rothbardian Talibanism, since it does not take into account that Hayek was not a "liquidationist".

In this video, Hayek at one point says (if I correctly recall the precise wording) that "depression should run its course" or something like that, obviously neglecting the crucial problem of preventing the secondary depression and deleterious effects of unanticipated increase in the demand for money. :)

The rap is a hoot, but it does misrepresent Keynes. Sticky wages was not his argument for why there was a Great Depression.

I grant that there is only one throw-away line about sticky wages. The bigger snipe is that he preferred champagne to all that stuff that show him guzzling, :-).

nothing like educational rap

Dies ist mein erstes Mal, wenn ich Besuch hier. Ich fand so viele interessante Sachen in Deinem Blog vor allem seine Diskussion. Von den Tonnen von Kommentaren auf Ihrem Artikel, ich denke, ich bin nicht die einzige, die alle die Freude hier! halten, die gute Arbeit.

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